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art from B Fasick ,Spaceman and  23
Watercolors, ink and sculpture

Release Spring 2018

Chicken League 4: 
Point of Impact

"The Origins of The Churchman"  

Chicken League 4 "Point of Impact"
Origins of the Churchman
A stranger walks the shores after the sinking of a German Freighter at the close of WWII
In editing and scheduled to be release Spring 2018
Chicken League #1,2 & 3 Graphic Novel 
Children's book based on the Standards of Learning curriculum. 
1st print limited edition 'out of print'
Chicken League 3
Hitler's Red Army
The Third in the Chicken League Series
The discovery off the east coast and the rise of the Red Army
Click the image to the right or from the menu bar to see some of the art from this third volume of the Chicken League Graphic Novel
What if Night and Day got Mixed up. A children's book based on the Standards of Learning curriculum. published 2016 with limited release. Currently out of Print
Magic Bullet #16 release
Chicken league Strip in Magic Bullet #16
Magic Bullet #16 release with Chicken League Strip...check it out